Nowadays, pet cats easily get infested by fleas. If you don’t treat it on time, then it can be lethal and fatal for your furry friends. There are many methods to get rid of fleas such as collars, ointments, and much more. But it can cause discomfort to your cats.

If you want quick results, then nothing can beat Capstar. Capstar price and coupon details for you to share theCapstar comes with some active ingredients like an insecticide as well as nitenpyram, which kills fleas within 30 minutes.

Capstar for cats: Dosage and other Details revealed!
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1. How long should a cat be on Capstar?

Some pet owners have no idea how good is Capstar for cats. Some researchers reveal that it has shown 90 percent of results in killing adult fleas within six hours in cats. Studies show that Capstar in the system of the cats for a few more hours. Moreover, the power of Capstar lasts for about eight hours. You will begin to see the results within thirty minutes only.

Capstar for cats: Dosage and other Details revealed!
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In the first dosage, you will see your cat scratching itself. This happens due to the movement of fleas. In some time, you may even notice dead adult fleas falling off from the body. If your cat gets re-infested, then it is safe to give another dose of medicine. Make sure to give only a single dose in a day. You can also read all the important details thoroughly given behind the package.

2. How much Capstar to give a cat?

You should use one dosage of generic Capstar for cats at a time. Moreover, you can mix the Capstar tablet in your cat’s favorite food or directly put it into their mouth. Cats love any fish-based food so you can add the (11.4 mg NITENPYRAM) tablet in your cat’s food. Before giving the medicine, make sure to weigh your cat for proper dosage.

Capstar for cats: Dosage and other Details revealed!
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Do not give medicine to your cats that are less than two pounds or below four weeks of age. Capstar contains six tables that can be used when you see fleas in your cat. You can also ask the dosage schedule for your canines from the veterinary doctor. Most of the doctors will recommend one tablet of 11.4 mg twice weekly for your cats, who weigh two to ten lbs.

3. Are there any side effects of Capstar on the cats?

Some pet owners have noted few adverse reactions to their cats. You can read Capstar reviews on multiple websites before purchasing Capstar. Clinical studies and laboratory tests have approved that Capstar is safe to consume for cats above 2 pounds.

Capstar for cats: Dosage and other Details revealed!
capstar rebate discount coupon code

However, in the past, some cat owners reported side effects of Capstar tablets on their pets. The effects may differ in each cat. Also, not all adverse reactions are deadly for them.

The list of side effects after giving Capstar to cats includes hyperactivity, lethargy, vocalization, fever, depression or lethargy, nervousness, dyspnea (labored breathing) or difficulty breathing, incoordination, pupil dilation, trembling, panting, pruritus (itchy skin), vomiting, anorexia or decreased appetite, skin eruptions or rashes, diarrhea, salivation, seizures, as well as increased heart rate.

If you give the Capstar tablet to your cats that are less than 4 weeks old or under two pounds, then serious effects are neurologic signs and death. Some cat owners have noticed common reactions that after the consumption of the tablet, the cat may itch and scratch itself more than normal.

This happens due to adult fleas reacting to the Capstar tablets. In very rare cases, pet owners have seen signs of hyperactivity in their cats.

4. Is Capstar dosage for pregnant cats?

Some cat owners always question veterinary doctors. Is Capstar safe for cats that are pregnant? The answer is yes! Many researchers reveal that it is safe to give Capstar to pregnant cats. It can also be given to lactating cats. Capstar is laboratory tested on rabbits and rats before launching in the pet market. And there was no evidence of effects on neither lactating nor pregnant cats.

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Moreover, there were no fetotoxic or teratogenic effects on the tested animals. So you can give Capstar tablets to your pregnant cats that are infested by fleas. Along with the nursing mother, you can also give it to the kittens that are 4 weeks older and weigh more than 2 pounds. We will suggest you give one day per day to your pets, which will begin its work in thirty minutes itself.

5. Does Capstar expire?

Yes, they do expire! You can buy from Capstar for cats Petsmart that sells newly manufactured products to the cat owners. Sources reveal that oral tablets mostly expire after one to two years from the date of production. Besides, some websites say that it is safe to give expired tablets to your cat because the power of the medicine slowly wears off, but the tablets do not harm cats. However, if your pet is very sick, then do not give Capstar tablets to them. Don’t risk your cat’s life, and increase the risk of issues or reactions in your cats.

You should throw away the expired ones and purchase a new medication box. Also, to stay on the safe side and save your money, always finish the product before its expiry date or don’t use it if it has passed the expiration date. Besides, it is very difficult to find chemical instability in the product. To maintain its effectiveness and shelf-life, make sure to keep it in cold temperature and away from direct sunlight. Lastly, don’t put your healthy cats at risk by giving expired products.


So what are your thoughts on Capstar tablets? To be honest, the product is safer to give it to your cats, if you follow all the instructions carefully. It will kill the fleas by affecting its neuron system and paralyzing it. Apart from that, it is also beneficial to eliminate heartworms. It can be used with deworming medications, antibiotics as well as vaccination. You will see the benefits instantly. So just go for the product! 

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