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Isn’t it amazing, and confusing at the same time? 

Advantage Multi Coupons Code
Advantage Multi Coupons Code

We understand your love and concern for your pet. Therefore, Advantage Multi is the best solution for treating internal worms and fleas. In this article, we will talk about this excellent product.

We will also share more details about the product like Advantage Multi price and coupon which you can look forward to. So we hope you enjoy your read!

What is Advantage Multi?

If you are a new pet owner and shopping for the first time, then you might be looking for what makes Advantage Multi beneficial for dogs. Hence, here we have provided a detailed description of this product.

For those who are newbies, Advantage Multi is a convenient yet effective monthly topical solution for your cats and dogs. It kills parasites and gives protection in just one application. 

It can be quite challenging for a new dog or cat parent to take their time out and take care of their dogs. If you have a busy life and don’t have time to take your pet to the vet, then use Advantage Multi to prevent heartworm disease. All you have to do is apply the medication the same day every month, and voila, the parasites will get killed instantly.

How does Advantage Multi work?

Advantage Multi Coupons Code
Advantage Multi Coupons Code

Want to know how does this medication work? Then keep reading to find it out! 

After reading the previous section, you might be finicky and think that Advantage Multi might harm your furball because you don’t know much about it. Then let us assure you that this product is sold under veterinary prescription.

Advantage Multi contains two main ingredients, moxidectin, and imidacloprid, which work together to do its job. Moxidectin tends to kill baby heartworms, which cause severe disease in your cat or dog. It kills intestinal worms and safeguards your pets as well.

Besides, Imidacloprid kills fleas once it comes in contact with them. It works by getting absorbed through the fleas skin and disrupts their nervous systems. Later on, the fleas die from spasm or instant death. 

How good is Advantage Multi for dogs?

Let’s suppose your four-legged friend recently got tested for heartworm, and the results are positive. Your veterinarian suggests you use Advantage Multi to protect your furry pal. You might raise a question that will it get rid of all the worms and fleas?

Raising such questions signifies that you love and care for your pet. And it is a good thing to know about Advantage Multi before purchasing it. So, we know that the benefit of this product is a concern for you.

Advantage Multi Coupons Code
Advantage Multi Coupons Code

We aren’t boasting, but Advantage Multi is indeed good for dogs. We understand that you still don’t believe us, so we have listed some of the benefits of this product below.

  • Prevents heartworms after the first application. If you forget the monthly treatment schedule, then apply it immediately and resume the treatment. 
  • Treats and controls microfilaria, which is found in pets who have heartworms.
  • Kills and treats fleas infestations.
  • It also controls hookworms, roundworms, whipworms in your furry friends.
  • Advantage Multi controls sarcoptic mange in dogs.

Advantage multi dosage chart

Let’s have a look at the chart of Advantage Multi dosage for your dogs and cats below.

Dogs (lbs.)Advantage Multi for DogsVolume (ml)Imidacloprid (mg)Moxidectin (mg)
3-9Advantage Multi 90.44010
9.1-20Advantage Multi 201.010025
20.1-55Advantage Multi 552.525062.5
55.1-88Advantage Multi 884.0400100
88.1-110Advantage Multi 1105.0500125
Cats (lbs.)Advantage Multi for CatsVolume (ml)Imidacloprid (mg)Moxidectin (mg)
2-5Advantage Multi 50.23232.3
5.1-9Advantage Multi 90.4404
9.1-18Advantage Multi 180.8808

Advantage multi for dogs price

Advantage Multi Coupons Code
Advantage Multi Coupons Code

Are you looking for advantage multi price, then look no further, because your quest ends here! The price for Advantage Multi starts from $81.40 $56.98. You can google Advantage Multi Amazon on your browser and get various offers and deals too.

Apart from that, different sites offer different coupons and different promo codes. So if you search Advantage Multi on Amazon, you might get various discounts and free shipping. So stop staring at the screen and Google it now!

Q1.How long should a cat be on Advantage Multi?

Well, we suggest you use Advantage Multi for your fur baby at one-month intervals. If your kitty is already infested, then the adult fleas will be killed in the first dose itself. You can take advice from your vet as well. The doctor will also recommend Advantage Multi to be used on your cat once a month all year round. We assure you that it works quickly and continues to kill flea for a month.

Q2.How much Advantage Multi to give a dogs?

Nobody wants their pups to suffer, right? So if you come to know that your four-legged mate has fleas, heartworm, or any other internal parasites, then you can use Advantage Multi. One application kills all these threats and makes your dog parasite free.

If you have already bought Advantage Multi, then you must be wondering how much to use. We suggest you use a minimum dosage, which is 4.5 mg/lb. (10.0 mg/kg) imidacloprid and 1.1 mg/lb. (2.5 mg/kg), and moxidectin once a month.

Q3.Advantage Multi Side Effects

Some dog owners are worried about giving any sort of medicine to their dogs. We understand your concern. Unfortunately, there is no other way to remove fleas from your furry friends. Besides, few herbal remedies sometimes do not work well or irritate your dog or cat

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So if you are still concerned then we have found some side effects on dogs.

Some pet owners have noted that after the application, their pups were suffering from skin irritation, inappetence or pyoderma, hematochezia, behavioral changes, vomiting, lethargy, skin irritation, seizures, localized pruritus, loss of appetite, hives, as well as diarrhea. Few dog owners also reported that their pets began feeling restless after the application of Advantage Multi.

If you notice any of these mentioned symptoms, then take your puppy to the vet immediately. Apart from these side effects, your dog may suffer from other side effects. So if it happens, then talk to the vet to find a remedy.

Q4. Is Advantage Multi dosage for pregnant dogs?

Many dog owners come running to the vet clinics, asking if they can use Advantage Multi on pregnant or lactating dogs. It is completely safe for the mother and her unborn kids. So yes, it can be used for pregnant dogs too. 

Q5. Does Bravecto expire?

We all want to save our money and use the product for the maximum period, right? So just like other vet medicines, Bravecto does not require any storage conditions. So relax! As per our research, Bravecto is safe to use for two years from the date of production.

Wrapping Up

You have reached the end of this article. We do hope that you found our article useful. If yes, then do not forget to share it with your friends and family. Advantage Multi is a great solution for your cats and dogs. Once you use it, the results may be shocking and surprising. Before giving it to your feline pet, make sure to consult with a vet first. And one more thing! Always buy the box according to your pet’s weight, okay?

Check back with us again for more information. Stay healthy and keep your pets healthy too!


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